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Quick Acne Treatment at Home

Quick Acne Treatment at Home

Quick Acne Treatment at Home

Quick Acne Treatment at Home

Why do you leave acne?

Girls typically start at the age of twelve and boys get thirteen years old. Scientists believe that a hormone called egggenian Androgen is one of the reasons for the formation of acne. Androgen activates the bacteria that form apples. After puberty, boys’ body produces ten times more androgen than girls. That’s why it is not surprising that boys get more acne than girls.

Some other things can also be caused by acne or increase their intensity. These include some types of medicines, such as medicines that are used to treat chickens or tuberculosis. Mouth, oil, avoiding and chemical effects can also cause acne. In addition, mental stress or intense emotional condition can also cause acne to fall. Occasional tasting cosmetics and shampoos cause inflammation in those people who have a tendency to get acne.

Acne Treatment at Home

There are many creams and lotions in the market to eliminate the face of the face, but a survey has found that these products cause damage to the skin because they are found in chemicals. In this situation, why should not we take advantage of natural ingredients and domestic batteries that make the skin clean but not only naturally?


Honey is very useful for the face of the face. To see its magical effect, apply a little honey on your grains and let it dry naturally.
Wash it when it is completely dry. Work daily even if the ends are finished.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is best for the face of the face. Because it eliminates all the germs present in the root that cause root making.
Wash your face with dry food. Mix a teaspoon apple syrup and three teaspoon water. And apply Rai on the seeds.
Let it be a vinegar for ten minutes and then wash it. After that, add a lotion.
Repeat it several times a day. Remember that before washing the vinegar you have to wash the face well.


The ice cream headline, swelling, and inflammation immediately eliminate. This helps in improving blood circulation in the affected area. In addition, it closes the wool and cleanses skin.
Wrap a piece of ice in a cotton cloth and keep it over the grain for a while and then remove it.
Repeat five minutes later.


One day you use to clean toothpaste teeth can be used to cure dental instantly. It is more beneficial to apply toothpaste after using ice cream.
Before sleeping, apply toothpaste on the affected area. And wash in the morning.
Toothpaste will dry the grain and it will be fine soon.

Evelyn Vera

There is a lot of advantages for the skin of the elliptical skin and also helps to eliminate the skin quickly.
Leave the Elo Vera Gel over your beard for three to four hours. And wash it later.
Your skin will be cleansed, clean and refreshing soon.

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