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How to Remove Dark Circles

How to Remove Eyes Dark Circles Permanently

How to Remove Eyes Dark Circles Permanently

How to Remove Dark Circles

Black creatures and wings around the eyes consider the beauty of the face. That’s why they need to be eliminated. For this you can make cream at home, with regular use of many people have been able to make black creams and finishes around the eyes.

The way to make cream is very easy and you will also find it easily ingredients.


Elvira gel a teaspoon

Rose juice is a teaspoon

Vitamin E oil one capsule

How to make

Mix alloy gel, rose juice, and vitamin E oil well.

Now put it around your eyes and massage with a light hand sometimes.

Let the eyes live for ten to fifteen minutes.

Then wash with normal water.

Use this cream regularly

How to make Rose juice

Take pink roses and wash them well.

Now grab them with the help of the horns to become a paste.

Put the sieve in the spoon and mix it with a spoon.

Put the juice in a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator.

Turmeric masks


Turmeric a teaspoon

Yogurt a teaspoon

How to make

Make a paste by mixing turmeric and yogurt.

Before sleeping at night, apply this mask on the eyes of the eye and wash it in the morning.

If you feel a snub, wash after 10 to 15 minutes.

This mask will not only eliminate the creatures but also lower the eyes under the eyes.

Water use more

Yes, every day, start drinking too much water, but that does not mean that many gallons and at least eight glasses of water make normal. This thing will not only be beneficial to eliminate black circles around the eyes, but it is also a spoiloma for removing better health and dehydration. Pure water is a teaser that removes power plants, why do you remove it from your diet plan?


Take two tomato cassettes and keep them up for 15 to 25 minutes above your eyes, but after applying it a cool spoon, take care of both at least two-hour breaks.

Almond oil

Almond oil works great on the surface of the eye and it is one of the most popular domestic prescriptions to reduce black circles. Mix a teaspoon of almond oil and one teaspoon honey, apply this mixture under your eyes before sleeping and wash it with cold water in the morning. Repeat this process until the circles are missing.

Lime Strip

There is vitamin C in the lime stroke that is considered good for the dark part of the eyes around the eyes. Put Rai in fresh lime and put it on black circles, let it keep for a period of 12 minutes and then drain it with cool water. Use this broken one once a week.

Doing a daytime night to darken the color, remove the face from the face, and make it more visible to others. In the same tune, they ignore dark circles around the eyes. There are many reasons for dark circles around the eyes, which are not important to sleep.

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