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Homemade Cucumber Toner for Skin

Homemade Cucumber Toner for Skin

Homemade Cucumber Toner for Skin

Homemade Cucumber Toner for Skin

Cucumber Toner for Skin

It is best for physical cooling, it is also very useful for the skin. The cucumber toner of the skin helps in removing the pimples and black spots. If it hurts your skin due to sunlight, it comes to the quick cooling. Its daily use comes to close the open pores of the face. This is very good for tone skin because it helps reduce the fat. Try easy homemade cucumber toner for skin lightening.


One cucumber
lime juice one teaspoon
Rosewater three teaspoon

How to Use

Take off the peak and cut it into small pieces.
Make the juice by putting them in the blender.
Then put juice in a small bowl.
Now, mix all ingredients in the bowl and put the toner in a spray bottle.
Turn off the eyes and spray the toner on your face and let it dry naturally.
You can use this toner on your face, neck, hands, and legs.

More toners for skin

Plant Toner

Boil the one-liter water, put plant leaves in it and cook for ten minutes and then cool it. Keep in the refrigerator At the time of need, apply the face with rope.

Tomato and lime toner

Mix a few drops of lime juice in a spoon and tomato juice. Apply as a toner on your face.

Green T Toner

Boil ten minutes by adding Green Tea to the water. Cooldown. Use as a toner for skin and get soft skin.

Lime juice toner

Make a toner with a spoon of lime juice in two spoon water. Apply as a toner on your face and get soft and white skin.

Glycerine and Alum Toner

Get 100-gram glycerin and one spinach Alum and add four teaspoons rose water in the bowl and mix it. Keep in the refrigerator. For everyday use, especially for those with dry skin.

Coconut Water Toner

Take the coconut water and clean your face. coconut water best for skin whitening.

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Beauty Tip


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