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Top 10 Face Mask

Cucumber Face Mask

cucumber face mask

For medical experts, khaki is a great vegetable, as well as a perfect ingredient that brings us many benefits. One of the advantages is that it serves as a natural diet for our face. Let’s say today we tell you about an excellent DIY cucumber face mask recipe that will give your skin a new life.


  1. Cucumber: one
  2. Lemon juice: 1 Tablespoon
  3. Egg Whites part: one
  4. Mint: Half Tablespoon
  5. Honey: 1 Tablespoon
  6. Rose Water: 1 Tablespoon

Tips and Benefits

Take a Cucumber and peel it well. Grind enough to make a paste. Now add the rose water, lemon juice, crushed mint, honey, mix well, then whisk the egg whites to a beautiful mix. When thoroughly mixed, apply it on the face and neck. Save the eyes. Allow for twenty-five minutes. Then wash with semi-warm water. Your skin will freshen up and shine. Make sure to use it once a week for the best results.


Face Mask For Acne

Face Mask

The most common cause of acne is skin lubrication. Medical experts believe that nail acne can be prevented to a great extent if cleansed skin today. That is why we have come up with a great DIY face mask that will help to remove oil in your skin. Its homemade acne face mask DIY remedy.


  1. Sandal powder 50 grams
  2. Hassan Yusuf 10 grams
  3. Cassytha filiformis 10 grams

Mix all of these things in 100g of potatoes and apply them on the face. After a while, wash with soap.

Note: It can also use for color purification. You must use a DIY face mask for acne.


Face Mask For Oily Skin

Face Mask

There are many ways to get rid of oily skin, but the most effective way is to use a face mask regularly. I will tell you DIY face masks. It removes oil on your face. Its homemade face mask for oily skin.


  1. An egg white part
  2. One lemon
  3. Honey one tablespoon

How to use:

Mix these ingredients well enough to become foam-like and then apply them on your face.

Be careful that these masks do not apply to the eyes and lips.


Rice Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Face Mask

Rice water is very beneficial to our skin, and since ancient times, people have been using it, while dermatologists also consider rice flour and water to be effective in the skin.

If you want your skin to look sensual, beautiful, and shiny, then let us tell you a DIY face mask for glowing skin. That applying a rice face mask will refresh your skin too.

How to make a mask with rice

To prepare the rice mask, take a tablespoon of rice powder, then add a tablespoon of cornflour and a pinch of turmeric and add some rose water to it. Massage with a light hand. After massaging it, let it remain on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. When the mask is dry, wash it. It will make a face look fresh and even moisturized and glowing skin.


How to make Sandal Powder Face Mask

 Face Mask

Sandalwood considered the best for the skin because it contains anti-allergic ingredients, which are supposed to help solve most skin problems.

Using a sandal solves all problems, including acne, irritation, allergies, it does not have any side effects.

Let us show you some of the benefits of the sandal!

1. The sandal has the properties that it works to soothe the face as it contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that are useful in curing irritation, allergies, and itching on the face skin.

2. Using a sandal fixes the color of the sun’s hazardous rays.

3. If you have any infection, it is very beneficial to use a sandal.

4. The sandal characterized by the ability to kill facial acne, and its use on the skin can produce positive results.

5. Applying a sandal to the skin makes the skin soft and supple and refreshed.

Sandal face mask

Sandal powder can use in the face by combining various ingredients and making a DIY face mask recipe. Let us tell you a few masks made of the sandal.

Sandal and Milk Face Mask:

This face mask is beneficial for pimples and acne scars, take a tablespoon of sandal powder, one teaspoon turmeric, and one teaspoon of milk to prepare it.

Mix all of these ingredients, And wash the face after allowing it to remain on the face skin for 10 to 15 minutes.

Honey and Sandal Mask: This mask is perfect for skin that exposes to the sun’s hazardous rays. To prepare it, first, take a teaspoon of honey, then add a teaspoon of sandal powder, one teaspoon of yogurt, and one teaspoon of cucumber juice.

Mix all of these ingredients, Apply all this paste on the face. And after 20 minutes, wash your face.


Mint Face Mask

Face Mask

Mint is easily found in the market and use in almost every house for food and drinks. Experts say that eating mint can help you to be happy. Whereas in the past, people used to make mint toothpaste to make their teeth shiny. Apart from this, mint also uses for stomach pain, both before and now.

Mint is not only useful for tooth and stomach problems, but it also allows you to lighten your beauty as it can solve your skin problems. Today we tell you about some of the mint face masks that you can use to increase your attractiveness.

Mint And Cucumber Face Mask

  •  Take a cucumber and peel it and grind it to make a paste.
  •  Now add honey and mint paste to it and mix.
  • And add one egg white part to this mixture.
  • Add yogurt one teaspoon.
  •  Your face mask is ready after mixing well.

Mint and turmeric mask

Turmeric considers being beneficial for the skin. It’s to reduce acne. Turmeric can remove acne as soon as possible. Try the tip for making mint and turmeric face masks.

  •  Grind fresh mint.
  • Now add some water and turmeric to it and mix.
  • The face mask is ready now put on the face and leave for fifteen minutes.
  • Then wash your face; the apparent difference will be on the face skin of you.


Potato Face Mask

 Face Mask

Pretty face shining skin refreshment. What is not everyone’s effort is that her beauty is intact, and various attempts made for it. Especially women try to keep their skin young and their Different tips uses to maintain harmony. Various cream is available in the market. Different kinds of face masks used. Also, today’s young women are not to discount in any way. Men or women are also ahead in the making of Mask or cream. Other things that keep the skin fresh. I will provide you some of the tips that can use to change the look of your face within ten minutes and make your complexion look tidy. Available in every house. I mean potatoes.

The way to make a face mask is straightforward.

You can take one to two potatoes, peel them and boil them until soft and then grind them well like a paste. After that, you put one teaspoon of honey in the pulp and add three tablespoons or so with yogurt so that the flesh will remain high.

Do not mix them well, then add one lemon juice to it. If your skin is sensitive and allergic to lemons, then do not use lemon. After adding the lemon, combine everything again.

And wash your face with plain water and apply it on the face skin for ten minutes. And paste applied to your face. Then wash your face thoroughly with water. The color cleanses, but the dead cells stored on the face skin also disappear from the face skin, and the face looks refreshed.

Turmeric Face Mask

Face Mask

Turmeric used in every home kitchen has numerous medical benefits; it also helps to enhance the taste of the food. But today I tell you how to make a turmeric face mask DIY.

Take a spoon of cooked turmeric, basin, or cornflour with milk in it. And apply this mixture on your face, hands, feet, neck, and arms and leave for 10 to 15 minutes, And massaging it with cold water after drying. The side effects of the sun’s rays, dead cells, stains will clean as well as color.

Multani Mitti Face Mask

Face Mask

The cheapest method of centuries-old beauty that often overlook is women using expensive cosmetics to shiny skin, face skin wrinkles.

Make a mask by mixing water or milk in Multani mitti; a few drops of honey, crushed mint, aloe vera gel, or turmeric may also be added to this paste to make it more beneficial.

And paste can be applied on the face and neck for 15 minutes and wash with cold water and dry the face. This compound is also beneficial for acne and oily skin.

Use tomatoes for beautiful skin

face mask

Tomato is a fruit that uses as a vegetable. Tomato is also best known for improving skin color and whitening. Mojo de vitamin C and potassium in tomato make a face attractive skin as well as create vivid colors and remove oil in your skin. It contains lycopene, antioxidants, which help in preventing the loss of aging and sunlight and keeping the skin healthy. The following are some of the ways you can use it for your skin.

Act as a skin lightener

To improve the light skin, mesh a tomato and add a teaspoon of honey to this bowl and rub it on the skin and after 15 minutes wash with cold water. Doing so will help protect the sun from its rays.

Improve Isle Skin

Not only is it great for removing excess oil from the skin, but it also helps to keep the surface clean and dry. Rub the tomatoes over the surface and wash after 5 minutes.

Reduce open issues

Tomatoes also help reduce open pimples and blackheads. Cut the tomatoes in half and allow the scrub to rub into the skin while rubbing on the surface. After 15 minutes, wash the face.

Skin mask for skin glow

Take a few tomatoes and mash them, then add a little porridge and yogurt to it and mix well, so your face mask will be ready. After preparing the mask, you apply it on the face and leave it for about 20 minutes. When 20 minutes have elapsed, dust it off, the result is in front of you. This mask will make your face shine and clean, affected by the sun’s sun.

Skin toner

Take one cucumber and one tomato juice and shake it well in an airtight spray bottle, then sprinkle it on your skin, the lycopene present in it will make the skin shine as young. This liquid can use in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

Sugar scrub

To prepare the sugar scrub, you only need two ingredients, one tomato, and the other sugar. Cut the tomatoes and put a teaspoon of sugar over it, when it dissolves, massage it on your face. Doing so will make your skin dead cells disappear, and the skin will become clean.

To eliminate wrinkles

If you need to wipe the face with tomato, you will need three things tomatoes, lemons, and cotton. Take two teaspoons of tomato juice and two teaspoons of lemon juice, then mix them with a cotton cloth on your face and leave for 15 minutes, then wash the face. This homemade mask is very useful for face wrinkles.

Get rid of blackheads

If you are looking, remove your blackheads, then the solution is hidden in the tomato. Take some Multani soil and add tomato juice in it, then apply this paste on your face. After using it for 15 minutes, take some water and thoroughly moisturize the front and then, after time, wash the face with warm water.


Now I will give answers to the questions that asked about homemade mask recipes.

What homemade face mask is best for acne?

The turmeric face mask is best for acne.

What are good face masks for oily skin?

The egg face mask is removed oiliness in your skin.

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