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Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Beauty Tip

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging Beauty Tip

Easy Skin Whitening and Anti Aging

8 foods for skin whitening

Skin whitening is the dream of many women. This is the reason why buying vitamin cream available in the market is never less. Some companies sell false promises to force people to use their products. Which may take advantage of time and time, but later there is a loss. These creams are very expensive, as well as the chemicals present in their skin are damaged from the inside.

You can naturally sing these nutrients as part of your daily diet:

1. Lemon water

Lemon is called natural vitamin bleach. It cleanses the body from raw materials, which makes the blood clean and shiny. The vitamin on the face is better than bleach that you drink a glass lamb water in the morning. Vitamins C and acidic properties present in it will make your color darkened.

2. Tea

An American study has proven that tea use reduces oxygen in the body that causes the skin to become scratched and burnt quickly. Tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that is extremely useful and important for skin health. However, tea use is for a long time, or the effects of health are likely to occur.

3. Fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important for luminous and healthy skin. If you want to be throat, eat the nutrients that contain a large number of vitamin C such as kVA, orange, cherry, strawberry, tomato and seasonal.

4. Soybean

This is a natural diet that starts to reduce the effects of skin aged and makes it the health of the ice cream fluid in it. Anti-oxidant properties found in Soybean are colorful.

5. Banana

Banana fruit is rich in vitamin A, B and E. All of these nutrients are important to cure skin color. Now it is up to you to either make the banana masks on the face or make it part of your daily diet.

6. Milk

Milk contains a large quantity of calcium that helps to quickly absorb skin. The milk becomes cleaned from the skin immediately after drinking and the lactic acid in the milk also accepts the skin immediately.

7. Chakandar

Polaris contain potassium, iron, phosphorus, fiber and many types of vitamins that make it utility efficiently. Vitamins have stolen and cleared by A, B, and C. Its use makes the skin’s wool naturally clear from the fall and the color starts getting darker.

8. Fish

Fish contains omega third acid, which works for skin quickly. This is rich in vitamins. That why it is considered to be the best diet for darkening the color. Flashbacks should be used once a week. Fishing fish vomiting its vitamins, hence fish is better to bake.

Troubleshooting tension and reducing the effects of growing age

You do not need any expensive cream to reduce color effects and increase in age. Rather, it’s a simple solution and you just need two components. Let’s see which two components are.


Fresh dyeing one meal
Honey a meal

How to use

Spindle the yogurt with a spoon or spoon to make creamy.
Now mix honey and mix well to become a smooth paste.
Wash the face before sleeping this night. You can also put these masks on your hands.
Wash it after fifteen minutes.
This mask is to be used just before sleeping at night. You can keep it in a refrigerator for a week.

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