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Dry Skin Treatment in Winter

Dry Skin Treatment in Winter

Easy Way To Save Skin In The Winter


With the advent of winter, the humidity ratio decreases in the air, which affects our skin and gets cracked quickly with drought and drying. According to this, giving a little attention to skin protection in the cold weather Beauty and beauty can be added.

According to experts, according to the skin, bathing with hot water for a long time causes tension, so while bathing in cold moisture, keep in mind that the water is semi-hot and the bath duration does not exceed 10 minutes. In addition to skin protection, take a drop of water in the water before using a non-oil or non-oil or water, and rub the body with a mustard or a lost oil, this method is extremely intense in keeping the skin fast. Assistant Also after drying the body properly dry and massage with a good body lotion. It is also beneficial to wash a good cold cream before washing it daily before sleeping.

In the winter, soap use should be reduced because it reduces the natural humidity of the skin. Apart from this, soap should be avoided more rubbing on the body, as there are more chances of rapidly spreading and affected. Basin lip is the best way to face facial face-to-face, with which the face becomes greasy and fried. If a person’s skin is naturally dry then it can also be beneficial for the use of soap-cleaned cleaner cleaners.

The skin of the men, which hurts, makes them very quickly. For this, two glasses of glycerin mix a large lime juice in a bottle, save them in a bottle ‘Massage while sleeping in the morning and dumping in the morning and applying a good lotion.

Using cold cold cream and moisturizer during the night to keep the skin fresh and cold in the winter, the use of standard cold cream and moisturizer keeps the skin moisturized and it also protects it from the effects of cold weather. According to experts, excessive use of hot water in winter should reduce, because they cause water emissions from the body.

Experts need to drink more water to keep the skin healthy in the cold weather. In winter, malaria, ink, carrots, beans and other seasoned fruits can also reduce the body’s lack of water, and we can get the moisture necessary for our skin. This kind of skin absorbs skin and is protected from the effects of the weather.

Protect Skin From Dry Foods

#1  Fish

Omega-fatty fatty acids such as fish in salmon and tuna and trout are found in a large quantity, which is the best part to bring moisture to your dry skin, and also reduce the thighs and skin’s skin It comes from the regular use of fish, the human body gets vitamins b, due to which it is shiny and clean.

#2  Dry Fruits

Dry fruits eaten in the winter, they have all the essential nutrition in them, they are rich in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, feldad and magnesium, while zinc, calcium, copper is also found in a suitable amount, which is the skin’s skin. Keeps the moisture away.

#3  Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is a part beta of cats, which goes into the body and turns into vitamin A. The result of this deficiency of vitamin is often in the form of dry skin. It is essential to include more son citrus in the diet for healthy skin and thanks to the best way of receiving it.

Zinc is rich, which keeps the skin healthy in the skin, zinc reduces the amount of oil in the skin, and causes acne to flow from the face.

#4  Oysters

Oyster is zinc-rich, which keeps skin moisturized, zinc reduces the amount of oil in the skin, and causes acne to go through the face, oystester is very important anti-oxidant for the body, zinc Protecting moisture on a healthy surface by keeping them from the skin.

#5  Avocado

Natural fruits like a beverage oak is also found in large quantities of vitamins and other anti-dentists, this fruit not only cures the skin, but prevents the growth of the rings.

#6  Olive Oil

Olive oil is very important for maintaining beauty and beauty. His body on the face and body brings energy and power to the body. The skin is produced in the skin, it is visible to olive oil, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids are in large amounts, which also remove skin tissues, olive oil gives natural moisture, massage Not only does skin make skin but also helps in preventing diseases quickly.

#7  Cucumber

Measures are full of magnesium, potassium and silicone, which keep the skin clean and shiny.

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