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Best Face Masks for Acne

Best Face Mask for Acne

Best Face Masks for Acne

Best Face Masks for Acne

Acne Reasons

1. Mental stress:

Mental stress is an important cause of integration because, in the case of mental stress, the body starts to produce more concentrations that trigger skin oil glades. Due to which acne comes out. It is necessary to deal with the problem that should be saved from mental distress. Take time for yourself, exercise and meditation to keep the mind on.

2. Hormones:

Hormone level withdrawal is also the cause of unity. In different parts of the age, uncomfortable hemorrhoids occur due to pregnancy, menstruation, and pesticide being united near closure. Due to low-balanced hormones, it produces more greasy skin due to acne. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your hormones level and to balance the harmonies in order to avoid straining.

3. Sebum

The skin comes out of a variety of oil called sebum. This can also be the cause of acne. Occasionally acne stops early and bacterium brought out, which causes acne to come out, that it should be necessary to use medicine with a good cleaner or a specialist consultant.

4. Cosmetics:

Your beauty products can also united. If your acids often get out of your skin, then buy a product and buy oil-free products before buying any product. Daily-used asbestos products are not even increasingly enhanced.

5. Rubbing skin:

Many people wash the face several times a day and scrub rub rubbish and this kind of cleansing rather than reducing the cornerstone. Due to excessive skin scrub, there more fat than skin wound that combines in tombs and causes acne.
Wash the face twice and no more than a good wash in the day.

6. Zinc deficiency:

Zinc used to treat acne. The lack of zinc in the body can also be inaccessible. Eat green leafy vegetables to complete the zinc deficiency. Vita Munz’s supplement can also be supplied for this.

7. Touch the face repeatedly:

Repeatedly handling the face also increases your risk of getting rid of acne. The reason for this that our hands are worn, fat, and bacteria. We touch various things with hands and germs on our hands when they are on the face when they face the face, so as to clean the hands with special facial care.

How to get rid of acne

First of all, pay attention to your diet and eat balanced food. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are very important for good Skin. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day. Use this home mask to finish it.

Face mask for acne


Basin half cup
Almond oil Two Tea Spoon
Turmeric a teaspoon
Milk three meal spoon

How to make

Mix basin, oven almond oil, turmeric, and milk and make a soft and smooth paste. Add more milk if needed.
Put this mask on your face.
When you sleep, wet your hands slightly by slipping a lightweight massage.
Then wash the face with water.
Use this mask twice a week.

And follow these Steps

. Wash the face twice a day with oil-free cleaners.
. Use acne cream to remove greasy skin
If there are signs of acne on the skin, apply them for a regular basis for three weeks. The plants and the spots will be cleaned.
. Do not use makeup that contains oil.
. Take the make-up before sleeping clean the face well.
. Take the shower after exercise.
. Do not wear too many fitting clothes.
. Eat healthy and low-fat foods.
. Reduce stress

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