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Beauty Tips for Winter

Beauty Tips for Winter You Should Know

Beauty Tips for Winter

Beauty Tips for Winter

Cold air, soft and hot sunlight and temperature reduction are all winter signs. Cold people make red roses on the cheeks for some people, as some people feel uncomfortable due to the severe and severe skin of the face, hands, and feet. The hands and feet are the main and prominent parts of our body. And as we consider to keep the face beautiful and refreshing in winter, we should focus on our hands and feet as well.
It is seen that women are very caring for the face but often ignore their hands and feet. Do not look good and hard, while soft hands and foot make a positive impact on personality.
As the level of moisture falls in the winter and the wind is dried around us, it also reduces moisture in the skin which causes dry skin quickly. Therefore, the skin should be kept in the skin.
The summer and spring you use in the winter, it is not suitable for winter. It’s time to change your skincare routine. In winter use such lotions or cream that contains petroleum jelly or glycerine. Always wash your hands and feet after applying lotion or cream.

The best way to save skin from the dryness

Nutana dries the skin with very hot water in the cold weather. Therefore, avoid excessive use of hot water. While saving skin from the skin, before dying, put some drops of water in the water or coconut oil. Massaging olive oil or coconut oil also will not dry even with your skin refreshing and temperament.

Homemade lotion for winter


  • Glaciers one-quarter cup
  • Lime juice one quarter cup
  • Half-round Rose Cup

How to use

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bottle.
  • After washing and drinking, wash and wash the lotion.
  • It removes the hands, feet of the feet and the scalp.
  • You can use it properly for months without keeping it in the winter.
  • Note Some people are allergic to lime juice. So do not use such people.

Scrub for hand and foot


  • Seafood salt, four teaspoon
  • Coconut oil Two teaspoon

How to use

  • Mix well salt and coconut oil.
  • Stretch your hands and feet and massage for five minutes with light hands.
  • Wash lotion or cream with semi-hot water.
  • Use this screw twice a week. It will remove the skin and skin immediately after removing the skin’s skin and skin.

A remedy for dry lips

Lips in the winter are licked dry, the main reason for which there is a lack of moisture in lips. You can follow these balls to avoid it.
Honey before sleeping and sleeping at night.
Add lentils to lips two to three times a day.
If there is olive or coconut oil at home, massage oil for two to three seconds a few seconds.

Use milk for dry skin in winter

Mix a spoonful of salt and salt in the face for facial care and heart attack and smell well on the face while sleeping. Wake up the face with cold water in the morning. This will make your face visible and shine. Other things can also be considered to prevent skin from being dry. One should not smoke more than hot water. After taking another bathroom or shower, apply the lustration of aqueous iron so that the water has reached the skin through the skin. Once again in the third week, rub your skin slowly so that the dead should fall and the new skins come up.

Use cold cream

Some people think that the thickness of thick cream will be as soon as possible. This idea is absolutely wrong because it does not necessarily make your skin shine. Using more than a cold cream limit, the dead cells disrupt the skin faster. Fry the cream.



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