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beauty tips for girls

Beauty Tips

 Beauty tips for girls and Boys

As the weather changes, beauty begins to evolve as well — the best beauty tips for girls.

There Are 3 Types Of Skin


  1. Oily skin
  2. Normal skin
  3. Dry skin

 It’s true. Women are more concerned about their beauty. But Allah has made them beautiful. Thank Allah for this blessing. It is to be appreciated.

Beauty Tips For Oily skin

beauty tips for girls

People with oily skin should avoid overeating greasy and salty foods. Because gastric and fried foods cannot digest excess grease, grease begins to erode from the skin masses.

Get up early in the morning to detect greasy skin. Clean your mouth with a tissue. If a tissue paper cloth is present, your skin is oily. Otherwise, it is mixed. Cleansing Skin Needs More Cleansing Before Sleeping At night, people with dry skin should avoid their faces from the gallbladder, as gallbladder closes the skin’s gums. Spray the face with roses to make it waxy

Tips to protect greasy skin

Tip No .1

Beauty Tips For Oily skin
Beauty Tips For Oily skin

Make two tablespoons Multani clay powder paste in the rose water and then leave it on your face for 20 minutes. And wash with water.

Tip No .2

3 Grain almonds thoroughly then mix honey and allow paste to wrap for 15 to 20 minutes. Dip the cloth with warm water and rinse it.

Tip No .3

  • Two tablespoons Multani soil
  • Three tablespoons dried peel of an orange
  • Two tablespoons salsa powder

Put these things in a bottle and mix them in water with one spoon once a week. Make a paste and massage it, and then wash your mouth. Use these beauty tips for girls to face for more exquisiteness.

Beauty Tips For Normal skin

beauty tips

The most beautiful skin is healthy skin. It is soft and creamy. It is clean. Regularly, wash the mouth with a rose scrub.

Tip No .1

  • Multani clay 2 tbsp
  • Glycerine Half Spoon
  • Two tablespoons of yogurt
  • Milk Customization

Mix all the ingredients in the country and wipe the face. Wash with semi-warm water when dry and apply cold cream after washing.

Tip No .2


  • One tablespoon of clay
  • Olive Oil
  • A small spoon of dried milk

Combine these ingredients and make a paste. Then wash.

Beauty Tips For Dry skin

dry skin beauty tips

If your skin is dry, rough, and dark, then it can be soft and clean, with proper care. Your lotions and creams are beneficial for this skin, giving the skin more moisturizing. Follow these instructions for care

Tip No .1


  • Egg 1 
  • Glycerine a teaspoon
  • Spoon almonds a teaspoon
  • Teaspoon of honey

Mix all things properly and apply the lip to your mouth. After fifteen minutes, wash your face with water when dry. This mask has three times a month.

Tip No .2


  • Mashed banana
  • Milk 2 tablespoons
  • Honey is a teaspoon

After thoroughly washing the face after 15 minutes, wash it properly. If proper skincare, scabies can.

Tip No .3


  • Multani clay 2 tbsp
  • A spoonful of olive oil
  • Rosewater one tablespoon
  • Turmeric powder: 1 spoon

Mix them all and wipe. After 15 minutes wash face. It will relieve the dryness of the face.

  • Night cream for dry skin: –
  • Any moisturizing cream four tablespoons
  • Alvira Gel 4 tablespoons
  • Vitamin E4 Drop
  • Rose rose one tablespoon

Mix them up and place them in the bottle

Massage thoroughly before going to bed at night. The skin will also be clean and the skin soft.


Skin Whitening homemade Tips

Every woman has a natural desire to leave behind the hooves in beauty and beauty. His eyes, hair, sensual beauty, and demeanor are such that he once looked, just kept watching, and people gave him examples instead of fairies and princesses. It is the reason why the quality of beauty has only remained white today.

Blonde gives four moons to beauty. That’s why blonde likes everyone.   Our young generation does everything to make the color look and look smart. Different creams tried. The use of marketed creams can cause white skin on your skin but does not produce true blotches. And sometimes, the effects of these creams degrade the surface. These are natural beauty tips for girls and boys.

Skin Lightening

Today’s well-educated women turn to beauty parlors for beauty; they think this is the perfect solution to save time and look more beautiful; occasionally preparing from a beauty parlor or using a cream may damage your skin. But the constant use of synthetic products can cause the skin to become a center of scarring.

In ancient times women used to make homemade skin by experimenting with homemade prescriptions. Their faces were able to see the brightness and natural complexion of their faces. However, today’s women are confused about what to use and what not to do — more beauty tips for skin whitening.

Most women are searching the Internet for something like this. Is witch the best recipe and recipe for a color palette? What are the natural ways to paint and tips? What are the tips for decorating a day? Etc. Etc.

If you are also searching on the Internet about color whitening, this article is for you. In today’s post, we will tell you more than fifty easy-to-use and straightforward home tips that you can follow to make yourself blonde. The whiteness will be natural and real and has no side effects. I will tell you natural beauty tips for girls and boys to increase the grace of your face.

Here is a complete list of homemade tattooing tips. Yes, it is up to you to decide which method or tip you try, but the thing to remember is that it may get a while for any way you work. It’s not like you are going to try one, and the other day you will be sore.

First of all, keep your thoughts, your body, home, and clothing clean. And patiently try out colorful tricks. Allah will give you the beauty of hooray. God willing

Use Milk For Skin Whitening

Use Milk For Skin Whitening

Milk contains a high amount of calcium. Calcium is an essential component of our body. Calcium in the upper skin of the body; in deficiency contributes to the darkening of face.

Milk eliminates calcium deficiency in the skin as well as relieves dryness. Daily use of milk cleanses the inside of the skin. Juice can work in the following ways for beauty.

Tip No .1

Soak the gram lentils in the milk. Also, take a few minutes to taste. Grind them after a few hours and mix them with dry almond powder. So take one tablet daily and soak it in raw milk. Let it lie for an hour and then massage it on the face, neck, and watch your complexion change with your eyes.

Tip No .2

Take one spoon of dry milk, lemon juice, almond oil, and mix it on the face. And it soaks for fifteen minutes, then rinses your mouth with water.

Tip No .3

Rub a cloth with a glass of milk and rub it in the skin. 

Tip No .4

Mix half a tablespoon of ginger and sugar in a cold place of mango and put two tablespoons of sugar in place of sugar. It will significantly improve your complexion. This method will not only eliminate anemia, but it will also solve your hormones problem. It will help you to be healthy and healthy.

Tip No .5

Add two teaspoons of the basin, one teaspoon glycerin, half teaspoon sandalwood, turmeric half teaspoon, and one rose spoon, milk half teaspoon, and lemon curd a few drops. So meet this Abton on the face. So It will enhance your beauty. These five beauty tips for girls & boys to up your handsomeness and glamour.

Use Lemon For Skin Whitening

Use Lemon For Skin Whitening

The natural properties present in lemons play an essential role in removing the oil deficiency in the skin as well as enhancing the color of the skin. Lemon juice in many bleach creams. That’s why lemons are also called natural whitening bleach. So It cleanses the body of dangerous substances, making the blood bright and skin shiny.

Better than chemical whitening bleach on the face is to drink a glass of lemon water each morning. By its constant use, the vitamin C and acidic properties contained in it will turn your color white. You can use lemons to make the color white in the following ways.

Tip No .1

Use lemon juice to the existing black areas on the face with cotton and after 20-30 minutes wash with plain water. Also, cut the lemons into two parts and gently apply on the front. Allow being rubbed on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and wash afterward and use these beauty tips for girls to face comeliness.

Tip No .2

Take five almonds and grind them. Now add one half teaspoon turmeric, three teaspoons of yogurt, two teaspoons of lemon juice to these crushed almonds, and once it becomes a cream form. Now, wash the face thoroughly for 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed at night. (Keep applying all night, no harm) Now remove the face with water. Do not use soap. Do not use it even in the day. So you feel irritation on the front, reduce the amount of lemon.

Tip No .3

Mix the lemon juice, honey, and olive oil in the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, wash with plain water. So one caution is to avoid lemon juice in the sun and does not apply to existing wounds on the skin. These beauty tips for girls and boys to up your attractiveness of the face.

Face wrinkles Treatment

beauty tips for girls

Who would love to see wrinkles on your face? Especially when it is not too old and the time of puberty.

People want to use expensive creams and medical procedures to hide or eliminate these wrinkles. But wrinkles did not remove with creams.

When you are thinking of something similar, then try these natural prescriptions as they may be useful for you.

How can I have a beautiful face?

Olive Oil

Natural olive oil helps keep your skin moisturized and elastic. Massage a few drops of olive oil before you sleep on your face and scrub with a soft towel. When you wake up early in the morning, the skin will look smooth and healthy. Olive oil improves your fairness and seemliness these beauty tips for girls.

Egg white

Mix several egg whites in a small boat. Massage this mixture onto your skin, and then let it dry for at least fifteen minutes. Then wash with warm water and allow the natural vitamin B and vitamin E contained in egg whites to control wrinkles.

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin A and D, which help to brighten your skin, So it seems to start to shine. You can also benefit from making a habit of drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice yourself. Try this beauty tip these beauty tips for girls and men’s to improve face glamour.


Take one of your favorite lotions, massage it gently on your face for a few minutes. Pay more attention to affected areas such as the neck, eyes, and elbows. There is also another cure, such as facializing, which is also beneficial.

Lemon Water

Slice one of the lemons and massage the lid on the wrinkles on the face. The acidity in lemons helps brighten the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. And your look is more attractive.

How to get rid Dryness of Skin?

Its Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for women and men.

Dryness of Winter

The body does not have a sufficient amount of water. Also, the use of soap causes dehydration because Caution is essential for people with dry skin. Use this home remedy for the natural beauty of your face. I will provide beauty tips for girls to make like a Hollywood star. So Take a firm banana and file it well. But slowly massage it from the bottom up to the face and neck. After 15 minutes, thoroughly wash the face and neck with mineral water. So the skin will dry out.

Use of sea salt

The cold and dry winds make the skin look dry and dull. It is useful for massaging with sea salt. First, moisten your skin with water, then take two teaspoons of sea salt and rub them gently on the face, forehead, cheeks, and chin. Avoid applying it on the sides of the eyes. After washing the face with cold water. Do this procedure once a week. Will feel refreshed in the skin.

Cold cream use

Some people think that the thicker the cream, the sooner it lasts. This idea is wrong because your skin does not need to heal. Excessive use of cold cream makes dead cells so more prone to skin. But apply a light layer of cream.

Easy peasy Beauty tips for girls

Many products available in the market to protect the face and beauty of the face and increase charming beauty. Facial has become a necessity for today’s women. An essential part of the face is to wear a mask. In addition to adding shine, dazzling, and relaxation, it is useful to apply a mask after 15 days a week to enhance the complexion and beautiful, smooth skin and fine good-looking. The following are some versions of the mask.

Potato masks are beneficial for skin irritation and gorgeous lovely skin. Peel the raw potatoes and divide them into two pieces. In the morning, it will be dipped in cotton balls of water and rinse face with it and then wash your face.

The lubricating almond mask is best for dry skin. Use an almond mask for appealing, magnificent skin and superb change in your skin color. Take a piece of cloth and place it in the nose and eyes. Heat the almond oil and apply it on the fabric and cover the face with masks. It is better to use this mask at night without damaging your skin. After removing it after half an hour, rinse the oil with a soft cloth and wash the face with soap in warm water in the morning.

Side effects of beauty products

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Women get well prepared for wedding ceremonies etc. At our night celebrations end very late, so often women go to bed without washing their face or washing their face in the morning. Not so, but sleeping with makeup is very harmful to the face, for example

If you fall asleep with the lipstick on the lips, it starts to go into your mouth, and this causes the lip cells to close as well, which causes small blackheads on the edges of the lips. Get out

Whenever there is a layer of foundation on the forehead, it starts to accumulate oil due to sweating, which causes the germs to develop rapidly overnight, so there is a risk of a rash and skin infection on the forehead. Increases

The cheeks have a layer of foundation on them, while the other layer looks blush on. With this makeup, gold closes the skin cells, as well as the hair masses, are closed. Heads become cheeks

Sleep with eye shadow on the eyelids, so the eye glands are closed. The areas where the eyelids are coming out are also closed, which increases the risk of infection overnight. Is

If eyeliner and eyelids are smiling on the eyes, then as soon as they fall asleep, the particles in the eyes start to irritate the eyes, and due to the excessive layer of smiles, if the eyes are mistakenly taken, then the eyelids break down. Which can cause hair breaks and even a pimple on the edge of the eyelids?


Now I will give answers to the questions that asked about beauty tips for girls and boys.

How can I have a beautiful face?

  1. Wash your face three times a day.
  2. Get enough sleep.
  3. Use a face mask Weekly to improve your fairness.
  4. Drink A LOT of water every day.

How can I look more attractive?

  1. Take Care Of Your Skin.
  2. Go For A good-looker Hair Style.
  3. Choose the best clothes for your personality.


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