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Natural Hair Care Tips

Natural Hair Care Tips

Natural hair care tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Thick and long hair has always been a weakness for both men and women. But long hair does not get into one night; it is hard to achieve, know some essential natural hair care tips that you can use, and get beautiful long hair. And can achieve the dream of getting thicker hair. Hair beauty is necessary to look beautiful If you want to keep your hair healthy and long. There are a few simple steps you can make your hair healthy and beautiful.

1. Hair trimming

It is wrong to think that regular hair trimming reduces hair length, To make the hair grow longer and more robust, it is necessary to regularly cut the hair so that the hair trimmed by half an inch, and it accelerates the production of the hair.

2. Eat the right foods

Remember that what you eat affects your hair and skin. If you want long hair, increase the amount of protein in your diet. A diet that contains minerals such as copper, zinc, magnesium, etc. also helps to prolong hair. The use of Vitamin A, B, C, also nourishes the hair. Fish, capsicum, spinach, cabbage, grinder flour, yogurt, eggs, chicken, all these nutrients are suitable for the hair.

3. The use of oil

The use of fat also helps to make the hair longer and thicker. It is essential to use the oil two hours before shampooing. Almond oil, olive oil, scalp oil, and mustard oil are excellent oils that help in hair growth. There are two easy ways to absorb oil well into the hair.

First is to warm the oil in half and apply it before going to sleep at night and shampoo in the morning.

Secondly, apply the oil two hours before the shampoo and wrap the head with a lightly soaked towel in warm water. Will open the hair mass and absorb the oil into the skin.

4. Hair massage

According to experts, massage the hair increases the flow of blood to the head, massage strengthens the roots of the hair. The method of massage. Massage for three to five minutes with the help of fingers.

5. Skip the daily shampoo and conditioner

Most people wash their hair daily with shampoo because they believe that regular shampoo and dirt are applied to the head, while experts say washing the hair daily with shampoo is not a good process, and that shampoo used for at least two days. Should do.

The sulfate and other chemicals in shampoos damage the hair, causing them to become obstructed, lifeless and thin. Therefore, you must minimize the use of shampoo.

Experts say that you only wash the hair thoroughly with water as it will make the hair soft and dry, while the dust in the hair will also clean.

One of the significant flaws in hair care is that conditioners not use after shampoo. Even if your hair is not naturally dry, it is essential to use a conditioner only on the ends of the hair. The conditioner keeps them moist and retains moisture. I tell you natural hair care tips for healthy hair.

6. Use the brush for hairs

Regularly combing the hair or brushing the hair daily at night will speed up the blood in the skin of the head. Natural oils of the hair reach the ends of the skin from the head to ends of hair. Thus improving the growth of the hairs and even the length of the hair.

Onion juice for hair growth

Natural Hair Care Tips

There are many prescriptions to lengthen the hair, but there is another simple homemade onion that is less expensive and easier to use.

Naturally, onions are characterized by healthy hair and protecting them from breakage, while onions are also a natural solution to remove barriers to hair growth.


  1. Medium size onion
  2. One tablespoon of honey
  3. One tablespoon of castor oil

Cut the onion. Now mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply the ready-made mixture on the hair and leave it for one hour, then rinse the hair with any shampoo. Doing this simple procedure every day will make the hair grow longer.

The smell of onions is particularly unpleasant and chewy. Still, the onion is very beneficial for hairs; it helps to improve blood flow by removing the roughness of the surface of the head.

Natural hair care tips for hair fall

Natural hair care tips

Heirs are an essential part of our personality, but due to poor diet, economic and social problems, or illness, it has become a common problem today.

There are various shampoos, soaps, creams, and lotions available in the market for hair fall treatment, to make it soft, supple, and beautiful. But I tell you some easy and natural hair care tips to get rid of hair fall.

Onion juice:

Not only does your onion taste delicious, but it is also a great source of hair growth, as sulfur in onion juice, which is very important for nourishing the hair. Take two to four onions juice and massage the hair for 15 minutes to one hour, then wash the hair with shampoo and water. Must try this home remedy for hair loss treatment.

Potato juice:

Combine potato juice with onion and apply it on the hair to make healthy hair grow bigger. Potato juice not only enhances the hairs, but it is also a cure for any affected hair. Potatoes are high in vitamins A, B, and C, which are considered crucial human body needs. Mix three egg yolks and one teaspoon of honey in the potato juice and apply it on the hair. I will provide easy beauty tips for girls and boys. Try this home remedy for hair.

Egg white part:

The primary protein found in the egg, which is essential for optimal hair growth. Mix one to two egg white parts, one teaspoon olive oil and honey and massage the hair daily. This home remedy best for hair fall treatment and hair growth.

Apple Vinegar:

Apple vinegar has numerous benefits for the hair inside it and reduces the hair fall. It accelerates the growth of hair by stimulating the roots or sacs.


Fenugreek use in various parts of the world since ancient times for healthy hair growth and shining hair. Mix two to three teaspoons of fenugreek in water and apply it on the strands to reduce the hair loss.

Almond oil:

Vitamin E, almond, magnesium, calcium, and fat in almond oil make the hair healthy and shiny. Massage almond oil on your hair two to three times a week.

Omega Three Fatty Acids:

You must take special care of your dieting to prevent hair fall. Use food that contains omega-fatty acid, as it readily reaches the skin and strengthens the roots of the hair. Remember that fish and dried fruits are the best sources of omega fatty acids.

Foods high in zinc:

Increase the use of foods that contain zinc, as zinc prevents hair from falling by bringing in certain hormones. Spinach, fish, cereals, pumpkin, mustard seeds, poultry, butter, and dried fruits are the best sources of zinc, and these ingredients are best for hair loss.

Foods high in Protein:

The use of milk, lentils, fish, white meat, yogurt, cheese, beans, eggs, and soybeans can prevent falling hair, as they are high in Protein.

Iron nutrients:

Be sure to use egg yolk, red meat, leafy vegetables, dried fruits, beans, lentils, and soybeans as they found in iron, which is essential for optimal hair growth.

Vitamins A and C:

Vitamins A and C are due to increased moisture of the glands, which naturally strengthens the hair. Use potatoes, carrots, spinach, papaya, bell peppers, strawberries, pineapple, and malt to achieve vitamin A and C.

Also, using herbs such as Elvira, Susan, and ensuring long-term breathing exercises in the morning will never cause you any hair problems.

Use of a Balanced Diet:

Everything you eat has a direct impact on your hair, so if you do not eat a balanced diet, the complaints of hair loss and thinning will increase. Experts say try to eat foods that contain all the essential ingredients that are also high in vitamins.

Side Effects of Mental Stress:

Natural Hair Care Tips

In today’s time, no one is free from mental stress, but it is also harmful to the pressure of the hair, which causes the hair to fall off and weaken, so it is necessary to reduce the pressure to prevent it. ۔ Experts say that mental stress can alleviate in the way of friends, exercise, and other methods, adopt any healthy activity. Spend time with friends and loved ones, study good books, and quiet music are also essential places in your life. Give because the hair will be very beneficial to reduce stress. Use these natural hair care tips to grow your hair.

Special Hair Care:

Haircare is a critical issue to use for shampoos and conditioners but does not change a brand frequently. Keep proper oils applied to the hair, thus protecting the hair can significantly reduce their fall.

Cover Hair:

Women and gentlemen who go out in the sun should cover their hair correctly, dust and pollution grease can also be destructive to the hair. Covering them improves their health.

Best shampoo for hair growth

The use of shampoos is common to make the hair healthy and shiny as well. There are all types of shampoos available in the market, but before using the shampoo, it is essential to know if it is right for your hair or not. Have you ever paid attention to this? If not, here are some tips on what type of shampoo you would like to use for your hair type and needs.

If you wash the hair in the morning and your hair looks oily by noon, it means that your hair is greasy, and you need to use a specific shampoo for this type of hair, which contains the amount of ammonium laurel sulfate. It provides excess oil, which helps to remove excess oil from the skin of your head.

If you use a lot of style products, you should use a clearing shampoo. It cleanses the roots of your hair and also reduces the effects of chemicals used in styling products.

The color refresher shampoo is made from a vegetable dye and helps maintain your hair color for longer. It also can give hair a natural shine.

If you have a hair color sooner and you want to maintain its shine, use a shampoo that has ultraviolet filters. It will protect your hair from sunlight.

Do not harm them by dyeing the hair

To hide the white hair, let them be black, but for the sake of fashion, by staining the hairs of someone who wants to harm them.

No one likes to lose their hair in youth, especially women. Usually, having a hair color increases the chance of hair falling faster. It’s due to the presence of chemicals in hair color. That damages the roots of the hairs and cause the hair to become weak and broken. On a long-term basis, this increases the risk of baldness. These chemicals can cause skin allergies as well as other ailments. Many women use hair color as a result of preventing and dry hair problem, due to the pre-oxide found in these dyes. So keep yourself out of hair color or use it sparingly as much as possible.

Best foods for hair growth

beauty tips for hair

Long hair is a weakness of women for which they make thousands of efforts. Hair growth is concerned with health. The use of just good shampoo and oil, supplements, hair treatment, and trimming, etc. are insufficient for hair growth and promotion so focus on your diet for hair growth. Make the most of fruits and raw vegetables. Eat carrots, cucumbers, beets, and coconuts and drink carrot juice and coconut water. Remember, anemia, lack of vitamins and poor hair loss, two mouths and non-growth are the main reasons to get rid of it only through a good diet.


How can we stop hair fall?

Regularly wash your hair with the best shampoo. If you use a lot of style products, you should use a clearing shampoo. And massage your hair with essential oils, Almond oil is best for hair fall treatment.

Which foods reduce hair fall?

The use of milk, lentils, fish, white meat, yogurt, cheese, beans, eggs, and soybeans can prevent falling hair, as they are high in Protein. Use these foods for healthy hair.

Which oil is best for hair?

The use of oil also helps to make the hair longer and thicker. It is essential to use the oil two hours before shampooing. Almond oil, olive oil, scalp oil, and mustard oil are excellent oils that help in hair growth. Vitamin E, almond, magnesium, calcium, and fat in almond oil make the hair healthy and shiny.

How make my hair grow faster?

Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Fast.

  • Hair trimming
  • Eat the right foods
  • The use of oil
  • Hair massage
  • Skip the daily shampoo and conditioner

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